TechnoXander 210 Navigating Open Finance, Innovation, and Cultural Transformation in Banking
Episode 6: Open Finance & Transforming Banking

Podcast with Marie Walker - presented by TechnoXander.

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TechnoXander 205 Demystifying the DPDI Bill
TechnoXander 182 European Parliament's legislative resolution
Revolutionising Euro Payments: European Parliament’s legislative resolution on instant payments

The legislation on instant euro transfer passed by the European Parliament represents a significant advancement in the modernization and standardization of financial transactions throughout the EU. The regulation lays the groundwork for a more efficient, secure, and transparent digital payment ecosystem by promoting competition and innovation, strengthening safety measures, imposing liability requirements, and permitting 24/7 instantaneous payments. As the European Parliament legislation has been adopted, there are some serious changes forecasted in the near future.

TechnoXander 181 Australian Banking Sector's Confirmation of Payee Initiative
Strengthening Financial Security: The Australian Banking Sector’s Confirmation of Payee Initiative

Australia has made significant advances in safeguarding people and businesses with its proactive approach to combating financial scams, as demonstrated by the Scam-Safe Accord and the Confirmation of Payee system. In the end, the phased deployment approach guarantees flexibility and adaptation, which helps to make everyone in Australia's financial future safer and more secure. Collaboration between the banking sector, technology companies, and the general public fortifies the community's resistance against fraud and opens the door for a thriving financial ecosystem.

TechnoXander 183 Six Years of Open Banking
A Look Back at Six Years of Open Banking

Over the past six years, Open Banking in UK has grown significantly and changed the way we make payments. Thanks to its emphasis on affordability, security, and ease of use, Open Banking-enabled payments are set to take the lead in the digital payments space. To realise Open Banking's full potential, collaboration as well as backing will be essential along the way.

TechnoXander 175 APP Fraud Prevention
Navigating the Landscape of APP Fraud Prevention: Unpacking the June 2023 Policy

The impending reimbursement requirement for Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams, outlined in the June 2023 Policy Paper by PSR, heralds transformative changes in the financial sector. This breakdown scrutinises the policy's intricacies, encompassing the scope, limits, exceptions, and critical enhancements to the reimbursement framework. Targeting UK Faster Payments system participants, including high-street banks and payment firms, the policy introduces the novel concept where receiving PSPs are mandated to share 50% of the reimbursement burden, bolstered by a defined timeline and ultimate backstop. A pragmatic extension of the reimbursement period to five business days acknowledges operational complexities.