TechnoXander 241: 10+ Benefits of CoP Implementation in 2024!
10+ Benefits of CoP Implementation in 2024!

Implementation of CoP not only improves payment security but also boosts customer trust in banking services and encourages the adoption of digital banking. Discover the benefits of CoP and its ability to transform the security and efficiency of Financial Institution by 2024."

TechnoXander 237 New Labour Govt May Pause APP Reimbursement Policy! 
New Labour Govt May Pause APP Reimbursement Policy! 

The UK's proposed APP fraud reimbursement policy faces industry backlash and potential changes. Labour's victory presents an opportunity for financial institutions to strengthen fraud detection systems.

TechnoXander 234 Unveiling Finance Episode Banner - Open Finance -Going Beyond Open Banking
Episode 8: Going Beyond Open Banking

Podcast with Nilixa Devlukia - presented by TechnoXander.

TechnoXander 213 Unveiling Finance Quote Card - Ruwani Hewa
Unveiling Finance: Open Banking Use Cases

With open banking paving the way there is a future of a more efficient, consumer-friendly financial ecosystem.

TechnoXander 217 Unveiling Finance Episode Banner - Compelling use cases and success stories of open banking for consumer benefits
Episode 7: Ruwani Hewa Talks Open Banking

Podcast with Ruwani Hewa - presented by TechnoXander.

TechnoXander 210 Navigating Open Finance, Innovation, and Cultural Transformation in Banking
Episode 6: Open Finance & Transforming Banking

Podcast with Marie Walker - presented by TechnoXander.

TechnoXander 207 Verification of Payee (VoP) in 2024
Verification of Payee (VoP)– How it Works in 2024?

In an age where digitisation is taking over, better security and accuracy of financial transactions is a must. Enter the new Verification of Payee (VoP) guidelines, set to revolutionise the banking system across Europe. Considering this, we are here answering these Verification of Payee (VoP) questions to help everyone understand the directive without any confusion: […]

TechnoXander 203 Unveiling Finance Episode Banner
TechnoXander 189 Unveiling Finance Episode Banner - Exploring Open Finance and Collaborative Coalitions
TechnoXander 188 Unveiling Finance Episode Banner - Future of Value Creation