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What is APP Fraud? And What are the Types of APP Fraud?

Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud, a pervasive financial threat in the UK, has inflicted a staggering £240 million in losses during the first half of the current year. This sophisticated scam involves manipulating individuals and businesses into making voluntary payments under false pretences. In this comprehensive blog, we explore the intricacies of APP fraud, detailing various types such as impersonation scams, purchase scams, romance scams, investment scams, loan fee scams, and bank transfer scams. Recent data from UK Finance highlights online channels as the source for 77% of APP fraud cases, while cold calling contributes significantly to losses.

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Alarming Increase in UK Fraud Cases: A Call to Action

The UK faces an alarming surge in fraud cases, with consumers losing £580 million in H1 2023. Instances of romance scams and identity theft rose sharply, while APP fraud increased by 22%. Despite a 35% drop in impersonation cases, digital deception via online platforms and telecommunications remains prevalent. Collaboration across sectors, involving tech and social media companies, is crucial to combat fraud, raise awareness, and ensure consumer protection. The rise of social media as a deception medium underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures and collective responsibility.