TechnoXander 176 CoP Advantage for PSPs
Unveiling Confirmation of Payee- Revolutionising Payments: The CoP Advantage for PSPs

This guide provides a strategic roadmap for financial institutions aiming to enhance payment security through Confirmation of Payee (CoP) implementation. Highlighting its pivotal role in combatting APP fraud, the guide outlines key steps: building a business case, engaging crucial bank teams, and deciding on a build versus buy strategy. It advocates an API-first approach for seamless integration, emphasizes data integrity through cleansing, and underscores the importance of clear communication channels and proactive customer education.

TechnoXander 158 Elevating the Fight Against APP Fraud
Elevating the Fight Against APP Fraud: Crafting a Robust Business Case for Confirmation of Payee

Amid the dynamic landscape of digital banking, Confirmation of Payee (CoP) emerges as a strategic imperative, transcending mere compliance. As the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) mandates reimbursement requirements for APP fraud victims in 2024, the urgency to adopt CoP becomes apparent. Unveil how this robust shield against fraud translates into tangible Return on Investment, fortifying trust, exceeding regulatory standards, and orchestrating an operational symphony. Crafting a business case for CoP is not just a necessity; it's a pivotal step in fortifying your institution in a dynamically evolving financial landscape.