About TechnoXander

We are a UK-based Fintech specialising in Payments innovation. TechnoXander is an enthusiastic team interested in helping banks and institutions make the most of PSD2, Open Banking and fraud prevention solutions such as Confirmation of Payee (CoP).

We adapt and re-invent ourselves every day to embrace the changes in the payments world. We invest in building products and practices which align with the latest trends in the market. Our products built in-house are a testament to a team which adapts and learns quickly. Our products are compliant with regulatory requirements and are built on a modern technology stack. 

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Open Banking Product Suite

A one stop shop for all your Open Banking requirements.

Our Open Banking Dedicated Interface API solution is compliant with latest technical standards in UK to help banks meet their PSD2 obligations.

Also known as Modified Customer Interface or Fallback Mechanism is an alternate way for TPPs to connect with ASPSPs.

A fully automated interactive In-house Testing application

Confirmation of Payee

Confirmation of Payee gives businesses and customers greater confidence that their payments are received by recipients they were intending to pay.

Both business and personal clients can benefit from this added layer of protection against fraud. The service is real time and quick way of checking if the payee’s name, sort code and account number actually match the account holder’s details at payee bank. 

The service works for payments being made to and from GBP accounts held at any UK bank.

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Our API Sandbox allows developers to freely use our APIs so that applications can move to Production environment with ease. Our sandbox helps accelerate development and allows testing your application in real-world conditions.

Our platform is language and framework agnostic, giving developers the freedom and flexibility to build solutions in whatever way they choose.

The API Sandbox contains dummy data about customer accounts and transactions. From a developer point of view, the API behaviour, parameters, and headers are identical to the Production APIs…

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Why Choose us?

Our products are compliant with regulatory requirements and are built on modern technology stack. We do not do white-labelling and so, have full control on the roadmap of our products making it easier to implement regulatory changes in products as the ecosystem evolves. 

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Experts in Open Banking

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Fully Complaint Products

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Modern Technology Stack

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No White-Labelling

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ISO 27001:2022 certified

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Collaborative Approach

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Flexible Pricing models

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Flexible Deployment