TechnoXander’s TPPBridge is the contingency Mechanism (also known as modified customer interface or Fallback Mechanism) which can be used by banks and institutions which do not have a working Open Banking Dedicated Interface or have failed to obtain Contingency Mechanism exemption from FCA.

TechnoXander TPPBridge allows for access to banks online banking after TPP Identification. TPPBridge is compliant with UK finance interpretation of Contingency Mechanism. Bank users can set up rules for access to TPP’s based on roles via an intuitive and easy to use front end reducing the need for our involvement after initial deployments is complete.

TPPBridge has a very small footprint and has no impact on any existing systems in bank.

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  • Ready to plug Gateway and Application
  • Testing Facility & Production
  • TPP Identification via eIDAS and OB Certificates
  • TPP Access which is GDPR Compliant
  • Built on UK finance interpretation
  • Rules engine for Personal data protection
  • Easy to use dashboard for rules setting
  • Audit and logging available for TPP actions

How it works?

Contingency Mechanism Working Process

Start exploring our API Sandbox in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Engage with TechnoXander

Handshake With Us

  • Complete formalities
  • Implementation discussion
  • Agree deliverables

Step 2

Setup Environment at TechnoXander

Ready And Go

  • Deployments
  • Set up rules
  • Support and maintenance


Can we implement contingency mechanism only?

In EU, ASPSPs that offer to a payer a payment account that is accessible online are required to have in place at least one interface which allows AISP, PISP and CBPII access to customer data.

ASPSPs which provide access through a dedicated interface but have not received an exemption from regulatory authorities are required to have a contingency mechanism in place for TPP access.

Banks should implement contingency mechanism as a short term measure to become regulatory compliant.

In UK, FCA has mandated ASPSPs to enable TPP access via dedicated interface. ASPSP’s who are unable to obtain exemption from contingency mechanism will need to implement Contingency Mechanism/Fall back mechanism.

Can we allow TPPs to screen scrape directly?

Screen scraping is the process of collecting screen display data from e-banking and translating it so that TPP can display it to the customer in its application. So, screen scraping is a data-access method that logs TPP into e-banking using customer’s personal banking username and password as if they were a customer. 

Many TPPs in UK were screen scraping before PSD2 and banks were not required to identify them. With contingency mechanism, TPPs will need to identify themselves with OBWAC/eIDAS certificates.

Delivery timeline

We offer both Native and SaaS hosting options. We can implement Contingency Mechanism in 3-4 weeks.