Open Banking Dedicated Interface

TechnoXander’s APICall is Open Banking Dedicated Interface API solution compliant with latest technical standards in UK to help banks meet their PSD2 obligations. APICall is built using latest technology stack and security practices to deliver high performance.

APICall delivers mandatory and optional APIs for AISP/PISP/CBPII use. APICall architecture enables quick and easy integration with little impact on existing systems in bank.

APICall pricing is flexible and poses no entry barriers. Banks pay for what they use and not for the entire suite of APIs.

APICall is evolving constantly to keep up with changing open banking standards and security standards. And so, Banks can leave Open banking compliance with APICall and focus on the core business.

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  • Ready to plug Restful APIs for quick compliance
  • Sandbox available to meet PSD2 requirements
  • Third Party Identification via eIDAS and Open Banking Certificates
  • Built to latest Open Banking standards version
  • FAPI Compliant
  • SaaS or native implementation
  • Real time analytics from user dashboard
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities to meet REP020 return requirements
  • Flexible Pricing models, No entry barriers

How it works?

The 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Engage with TechnoXander

Agree API’s Required

  • Mandatory API’s
  • Optional API’s
  • Assist with scoping for APIs

Step 2

Setup Environment at TechnoXander

Deployment Model

  • SaaS
  • Native or On-premise
  • Hybrid

Step 3

Development at TechnoXander

Handshake With Us

  • Complete formalities
  • Implementation discussion
  • Agree deliverables

Step 4

TechnoXander Colaboration

Ready And Go

  • Core Banking integration
  • Deployments
  • Support and maintenance


We are a small bank. Do we need actually need a Sandbox?

Yes, it is regulatory requirement for banks to make testing facility available for Third Party Providers (TPPs). No sensitive information is be shared through the Sandbox and AISP/PISP/CBPII’s can use this sandbox for building their application.

We bought an Open Banking solution but the vendor depends on our team to define requirements and compliance. Does it work the same way with TechnoXander APICall?

No, everything on Compliance is led by Technoxander. We participate and actively track the developments in the Open Banking ecosystem. Based on these insights we have been assimilating required changes for compliance in products proactively thereby relieving pressure on client compliance, business and IT teams. Our industry relationship keeps us in tune with the latest in the Open Banking ecosystem.

Are you another white label provider?

Technoxander APICall is not a white label solution. We are not rebranding and reselling. We have built our solution which means our experts know what sits in each component. We control build and releases for quick turnaround for next phases ensuring product is compliant with regulatory standards.

How are you lowering entry barriers?

Our flexible pricing model ensures that banks pay for what they use. This means most of our clients pay for just mandatory AISP/PISP/CBPII API’s and a few optional API’s. Our support model ensures that we engage with our clients as soon as new changes are anticipated which means banks can focus on their core business.

We don’t want to replace our existing in-house solution but we are not compliant. What do we do?

We have worked with various clients and PSD2 products. We can advise you on your existing in-house dedicated interface implementation to identify gaps. We can help you with creating a backlog and defining an overall implementation approach so that your existing implementations meet Open Banking requirements. Please reach out to discuss benefits of our Open banking consulting.

We need some help to understand Open Banking standards?

We work with clients to ensure that our implementations and approach is in sync with their overall enterprise strategy. We ensure that our stakeholders understand our recommendations and implementations as well as we do. Please reach out to discuss benefits of our Open banking training designed for small banks.