Who We Are

We are a UK based Fintech specialising in Payments innovation. Our team is a bunch of enthusiastic people interested in helping banks and institutions make the most of PSD2, Open Banking and fraud prevention solutions such as Confirmation of Payee (CoP).

What We Do

We adapt and re-invent ourselves every day to embrace the changes in the payments arena. We invest in building products and practices which align with the latest trends in market. Our products built in-house are a testament of a team which adapts and learns quickly.

Why Choose Us

Our products are compliant with regulatory requirements and are built on modern technology stack. We do not do white-labelling and so, have full control on the roadmap of our products making it easier to implement regulatory changes in products as the ecosystem evolves. Our products combined with our consulting services are designed to relieve pressure on business, compliance and technology teams.

We are all about latest ideas which have an impact on payments ecosystem and we are fun to work with! Reach out to us for a friendly chat to see how we can help your organisation make the most of Open Banking or CoP.