TechnoXander’s APIChek is your in-house TPP application. It is fully automated interactive API testing suite which anyone in your team can use to test Open Banking APIs. The tool comes with an easy to navigate browser based application and so, your team will not need to learn other API testing technologies such as Postman, Python etc.

TechnoXander APIChek can be used to test Open banking API’s during development and testing phase. The testing suite can be used to run start of day checks as well.

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  • Your own in-house TPP application
  • Test Open Banking API implementation during development or new releases
  • Start of day checks/SIT/UAT/Regression Testing
  • Exciting and easy to use interfaces to fire APIs
  • No postman/python use for end user
  • Handover of user acceptance testing to business users
  • Easy to extract test results to review if correct data is being shared with TPP

How it works?

TechnoXander test suite working

The 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Engage with TechnoXander

Agree API’s Required

  • Mandatory API’s
  • Optional API’s
  • Assist with API scoping

Step 2

Setup Environment at TechnoXander

Deployment Model

  • SaaS
  • Native or On-premise
  • Hybrid

Step 3

Development at TechnoXander

Handshake With Us

  • Complete formalities
  • Implementation discussion
  • Agree deliverables

Step 4

TechnoXander Colaboration

Ready And Go

  • Test your API’s
  • User friendly interface
  • Support and maintenance


We are not compliant with latest standards. Can we use TechnoXander APIChek?

Yes, TechnoXander APIChek will support testing as you implement various releases of Open Banking APIs. It acts as an in-house reference TPP application which will help you assess if the test results are accurate and data shared with TPP applications is as expected.

We configure API’s based on where your organisation is in the implementation journey.

Do you have a roadmap so that the application will evolve as open banking evolves?

Technoxander APIChek is used by Technoxander to test Technoxander APICall open banking product. We keep APICall compliant with latest regulatory standards and as such APIChek is always ready to test latest implementation standards.

What is the benefit of using APIChek against testing using traditional tools such as Postman/Python?

We have noticed from our experience that it can take upto 20-30 minutes to run a test case end to end as IT person needs to run various python, postman scripts. APIChek reduces the testing time for each test case by 50% at least.

APIChek also enables all functions in an organisation to come together for testing. This removes dependency on people with IT skill sets helping organisation to go truly agile.