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In the episode with our esteemed guest Marie Walker, we explore how expanding data collaboration across lending, insurance and investing can drive increased personalisation and better consumer products. We also examine the key differences between early adopter markets like Brazil versus the UK approach, and how standards, governance and incentives all impact industry adoption rates. So tune in if you don’t want to miss this insightful conversation with a true thought leader in the field.

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Marie Walker has been dedicated to advancing open consented data sharing, envisioning its future, and defining the best paths to achieve it since 2016. As the Resident Open Futurist at Raidiam, a leading trust framework and data-sharing ecosystem provider, she has brought together top experts and ideas to foster crucial conversations. Marie also contributes as a Market Progress Module Author, Topic Expert & Tutor at Cambridge University’s Open Banking & Open Finance course and as a member of the UK Smart Data Council Sub-Group on Trust, Compliance, and Consumer Protection Member.

The move to creating problem solving products rather than offering a single product use will increase the adoption rates amongst consumers.

Marie Walker

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Speaker Bio

Sonal is a Technology Enthusiast and Co-founder at TechnoXander. With a career spanning more than 18 years, she is a visionary in the world of Banking, a tech-savvy leader, and deeply enthusiastic about Open Data. She is a public speaker who can captivate audiences with her ability to harness the power of technology to achieve positive financial outcomes.

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