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In this insightful episode from the Unveiling Finance series, we explore the fascinating world of Open Banking with our esteemed guest Ruwani Hewa. We delve into the use cases, triumphs, and challenges associated with Open Banking. Discover compelling examples where Open Banking has revolutionised financial services for consumers and hear inspiring success stories of businesses and individuals who have reaped its benefits. We also talk about the hurdles financial institutions and consumers face in embracing Open Banking and the power that it holds over transformative changes to everyday financial interactions.

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Guest Bio

Ruwani Hewa

Ruwani Hewa is an experienced payment and loyalty professional, creating customer-centric solutions for over 16 years within tech, product and propositions teams. She has also successfully delivered large and complex solutions globally, most recently with Nuapay and previously with Amadeus Payments, Collinson, Barclaycard and American Express. She also earned a place as part of Innovate Finance’s Standout 45 on their Women in Fintech Powerlist 2023.

A lot of end consumers are touching Open Banking, but not understanding or not knowing it.

Ruwani Hewa

LinkedIn: Ruwani Hewa

Product & Propositions Director @ Nuapay: Ruwani Hewa

Speaker Bio

Sonal is a Technology Enthusiast and Co-founder at TechnoXander. With a career spanning more than 18 years, she is a visionary in the world of Banking, a tech-savvy leader, and deeply enthusiastic about Open Data. She is a public speaker who can captivate audiences with her ability to harness the power of technology to achieve positive financial outcomes.

LinkedIn: Sonal Bomb



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