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Join me on this episode, where we demystify the DPDI Bill with our expert guest Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond. Discover the significance of this bill in the digital age, its role in supporting initiatives beyond banking, and its approach to data protection in the era of rapid technological advancements. Gain insights into how the DPDI Bill balances digital information protection and technological innovation and adapts to emerging technologies like AI and blockchain. Tune in to explore common misconceptions, the bill’s adaptability to future trends, and how stakeholders contribute to its success.

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Guest Bio
Lord Chris Holmes

Lord Chris Holmes has been a Member of the House of Lords since 2013 and serves as a member of the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee. His primary policy focus centers around digital technology for the public good, with a particular emphasis on emerging technologies such as AI and Blockchain. He is deeply engaged in various sectors including FinTech, GovTech, RegTech, Assistive Tech, and EdTech. In addition to his work in technology policy, Chris is passionate about social mobility, employment, education, skills, culture, media, and sports. He firmly advocates for diversity and inclusion, actively campaigning for more accessible environments for disabled individuals. His contributions to government include advising on diversity and inclusion initiatives and conducting independent reviews, such as the one focused on improving access to public appointments for the Cabinet Office.

It’s always about the people and human potential that drives and excites me for what we can achieve together.

Lord chris holmes

Website: Lord Chris Holmes

LinkedIn: Lord Chris Holmes

Speaker Bio

Sonal is a Technology Enthusiast and Co-founder at TechnoXander. With a career spanning more than 18 years, she is a visionary in the world of Banking, a tech-savvy leader, and deeply enthusiastic about Open Data. She is a public speaker who can captivate audiences with her ability to harness the power of technology to achieve positive financial outcomes.

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