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Join us as we explore the captivating realm of the financial industry in our thought-provoking podcast episode on the “Future of Value Creation” with our exceptional guest, Ghela Boskovich. We delve into the importance of data sharing in the digital landscape and how it emerges as a critical factor in driving valuable insights, transforming customer experiences, and facilitating personalized financial services. From exploring the concept of value creation through data sharing to highlighting real-world success stories, we examine the tangible impact of data-sharing initiatives. We also dive into the essential considerations of permissions, consent, security, and building trust to foster a culture of responsible and impactful data sharing.

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Guest Bio

Ghela Boskovich

Ghela Boskovich is a leading expert in the field of fintech and bank collaboration, with a particular focus on fast-tracking internal innovation and driving practical application and commercialisation. As a passionate advocate for ethical data democracy, Ghela is dedicated to empowering individual consumers with control over their data and promoting disruptive business models within the data economy.

Ghela’s extensive experience includes founding FemTechGlobal, an organisation that aims to amplify the voices and contributions of women in the fintech industry. Additionally, she serves as the Chapter Lead and Head of Europe for FDATAeurope and FDATAglobal, prominent industry associations that champion open banking and open finance initiatives.

A clear value proposition and understanding of what sharing the data will result in will create trust and transparency.

ghela boskovich

LinkedIn: Ghela Boskovich, FemTechGlobal

Financial Data and Technology Association

Speaker Bio

Sonal is a Technology Enthusiast and Co-founder at TechnoXander. With a career spanning more than 18 years, she is a visionary in the world of Banking, a tech-savvy leader, and deeply enthusiastic about Open Data. She is a public speaker who can captivate audiences with her ability to harness the power of technology to achieve positive financial outcomes.

LinkedIn: Sonal Bomb



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