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In this exciting podcast episode, we explore the Future of Open Finance, from PSD2 to PSD3 with esteemed guest Martin Koderisch. We discuss the future of Open Banking and Open Finance. Our discussion covers lessons learned from the initial regulations under PSD2, and the proposals under consideration for PSD3. Explore how Open Finance fits into a broader theme of Open Data, its interoperability across sectors and the importance of coordination and building consumer trust from early adopters to mainstream users. We also dive into the discussions around standardising APIs in Europe, increasing commercial investment incentives, and balancing regulatory mandates with market forces.

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Guest Bio
Martin Koderisch

Martin Koderisch is a Principal with Edgar, Dunn & Company. He has 20 years of experience as adviser and operator within financial technology industry with a focus on payments. He specialises in accelerating digital transformation of client businesses through industry expertise, data analytics, and fintech enablement. His approach seeks to bridge the gap between strategy and execution with hands-on delivery of value creation initiatives to achieve growth, control or operational efficiency outcomes. He previously held senior leadership roles within industry at Mastercard, Citibank and start up Luup Payments covering digital product innovation, operations, and commercial partnership development. He also hosts and produces EDC’s popular podcast ‘Leaders in Payments and Fintech’ podcast available on major podcast platforms.

The market should get ready for the next phase, which will be fundamentally more serious, more grown up and we’ll have far more broader ambitious targets.

Martin Koderisch

LinkedIn: Martin Koderisch

Edgar, Dunn & Company: Martin Koderisch

Speaker Bio

Sonal is a Technology Enthusiast and Co-founder at TechnoXander. With a career spanning more than 18 years, she is a visionary in the world of Banking, a tech-savvy leader, and deeply enthusiastic about Open Data. She is a public speaker who can captivate audiences with her ability to harness the power of technology to achieve positive financial outcomes.

LinkedIn: Sonal Bomb



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