TechnoXander 234 Unveiling Finance Episode Banner - Open Finance -Going Beyond Open Banking
Episode 8: Going Beyond Open Banking

Podcast with Nilixa Devlukia - presented by TechnoXander.

TechnoXander 213 Unveiling Finance Quote Card - Ruwani Hewa
Unveiling Finance: Open Banking Use Cases

With open banking paving the way there is a future of a more efficient, consumer-friendly financial ecosystem.

TechnoXander 217 Unveiling Finance Episode Banner - Compelling use cases and success stories of open banking for consumer benefits
Episode 7: Ruwani Hewa Talks Open Banking

Podcast with Ruwani Hewa - presented by TechnoXander.

TechnoXander 210 Navigating Open Finance, Innovation, and Cultural Transformation in Banking
Episode 6: Open Finance & Transforming Banking

Podcast with Marie Walker - presented by TechnoXander.

TechnoXander 209: TechnoXander podcast on Open Finance
Unveiling Finance- Navigating Open Finance in 2024

Open Finance is a portal to a monumental change in the financial services industry. It builds on the success of Open Banking where access to banking data is granted to Third-Party service providers through an API. It is access to financial data beyond just banking.

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TechnoXander 189 Unveiling Finance Episode Banner - Exploring Open Finance and Collaborative Coalitions
TechnoXander 188 Unveiling Finance Episode Banner - Future of Value Creation
TechnoXander 206 Navigating the future of finance
TechnoXander 205 Demystifying the DPDI Bill